Access Criteria

Currently we will only take men who have either come immediately from rehab or are referred to us as being in recovery from addiction and currently not using/drinking

It is extremely demanding of any individual to resist the temptations that are all around them
Drug dealers are easily contactable, off-licences, corner stores and supermarkets abound

Our intention is to offer as much support as we can through direct support and also the use of other local support agencies to minimise the risk of reusing

However, sadly relapse happens and we have had to move to a strict eviction policy to be fair to the other residents
That involves random drug-testing, as much for positive affirmation that the individual is clean as to anticipate failure

It really is the hardest thing to evict someone with whom you have built a relationship and who has gone through so much and done so well

Prospective residents go through a fairly rigorous appraisal system before admission which involves looking at their history.