Navigator role

We are delighted that we have been able to keep our Bed for the Night co-ordinator on for a second year in the role of Navigator. The role in brief is that of supporting ex guests of the shelter as they move into accommodation and assistance with numerous life challenges to prevent them relapsing back onto the streets.

We have had some great success with this follow up, building on the good work done by the shelter in building self-esteem and restoring hope through friendship, encouragement and acts of kindness.

At time of writing in 2020 all our ex guests are in some form of accommodation, albeit possibly temporary B & B and we have two either in or going to rehab.

It sometimes feels somewhat ironic that for a few months we have had two part-time staff, who between them, and by supporting one another, make up a skills set that might have made a real success of a supported housing project. However, we console ourselves with the knowledge that we are free of the administrative burden, ongoing regular costs and responsibilities that come with bricks and mortar, whilst providing a flexible support for a much greater number of individuals each year.